Did Athena kill Lilith?

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    Did Athena kill Lilith?

    Brick and Mordecai ultimately grabbed Athena and took her to Sanctuary. Lilith interrogates her regarding her role in the opening of The Vault of the Sentinel and Handsome Jack’s ascension to power. Lilith instructs her soldiers to murder her when she finishes her narrative.

    Does Handsome Jack appear in Borderlands 1?

    Handsome Jack is a video game character in Gearbox Software’s Borderlands franchise. Dameon Clarke provides the character’s voice. After first appearing in Borderlands 2 in 2012, Jack reappears in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! and Telltale Games Tales from the Borderlands. The First Episode!

    Who is the villain in Borderlands 1?

    Steele, Commandant

    Who is Handsome Jack’s girlfriend?


    Did Athena kill Lilith?, Did Athena kill Lilith?, Does Handsome Jack appear in Borderlands 1?, Who is the villain in Borderlands 1?, Who is Handsome Jack’s girlfriend?

    Did Athena kill Lilith?

    Is Rhys Handsome Jack?

    Rhys described handsome Jack on their final conversation. Rhys is seen to be a major admirer of Handsome Jack at the start of Episode 1 and, like other fans, aspires to be like him. It has been revealed that Jack once spat on Rhys when he was still alive.

    Is Rhys a bad guy?

    Even if the player does not play Rhys as an antagonist, he exhibits many evil characteristics, such as being smug towards lower class people, having a very arrogant disposition, trash talking others around him, lying to obtain power, and stealing from others.

    Is Rhys a siren?

    Though it would be cool to see Rhys as Trans or something, he has regrettably achieved the status of a siren and works very hard to hide that aspect of himself. It would merely add to his persona even more. Furthermore, every playable canon Borderlands game has featured a Siren you may play as.

    Who is the strongest Siren in Borderlands?


    Did Athena kill Lilith?, Is Rhys Handsome Jack?, Is Rhys a bad guy?, Is Rhys a siren?, Who is the strongest Siren in Borderlands?

    Did Athena kill Lilith?

    Who are all 6 sirens?

    Not a whole lot is known about the Sirens, except only six can exist in the universe at any given time (according to Handsome Jack, anyway), and they have some kind of connection to the Eridians and the Vaults.
    Who Are the Sirens in Borderlands?
    Steele, Commandant
    Calypso, Tyreen

    How do sirens kill you?

    In Greek mythology, the sirens kill individuals by enticing them to the perilous cliffs where the sirens live.

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