How did the six human SOULs die?

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    Dione Kaufman

    How did the six human SOULs die?

    Because these equipment sets are spread over the area, it provides indications as to where they perished. Cyan perished in the Ruins, Orange in Snowdin, Blue and Purple in Waterfall, and Yellow and Green in Hotland/Core. So Cyan is our first SOUL. She didn’t get too far since she perished in the Ruins.

    How did Chara die?

    Asriel passed the barrier with Charas’ soul. However, Asriel lacked the desire to murder six people, and the humans attacked him after believing Asriel had slain Chara. He made it back into the underworld, but he perished soon after. So Chara DID commit suicide in order to liberate the monsters.

    Is Flowey a Chara?

    Chara is not Flowey or Frisk, nor is she wholly you- Chara is Undertale. Frisk is only released at the conclusion of the game when we lose control of him, which is why Flowey requests us, the player, to leave Frisk alone to their happy ending, and if we reset, we take control of Frisk all over again.

    Does Toriel know Flowey is Asriel?

    Nope. When Flowey first discovered how to reset, they were aware. He awoke in the flower garden, where Asgore discovered him.

    How did the six human SOULs die?, How did the six human SOULs die?, How did Chara die?, Is Flowey a Chara?, Does Toriel know Flowey is Asriel?

    How did the six human SOULs die?

    Is asriel a goat?

    Asriel Dreemurr is the son of Asgore and Toriel and, like his parents, is an anthropomorphic goat. He was Chara’s lone childhood companion, discovering them after they fell into the underground and guiding them to their parents.

    Why does asriel try to kill you?

    Why was Asriel attempting to murder Frisk, whom he mistook for his long-lost buddy Chara? He wanted Frisk to stay so that they wouldn’t be able to return to the surface as long as he kept murdering them. He will occasionally try to persuade you to be pacifist so that he may murder you that way.

    What happens if Toriel kills you?

    Whether Toriel is slain and the protagonist returns to the point before her combat, Toriel observes that the protagonist appears to have seen a ghost and questions if the protagonist knows something she does not, before dismissing the possibility.

    Can you defeat Flowey?

    As time passes in the final phase, the protagonist’s damage gradually increases, starting at roughly 185 damage and gradually increasing from there. However, it has a damage maximum of roughly 1,210. This may be increased to 6,000 damage in Debug Mode, allowing the protagonist to beat Flowey in just two strikes.

    How did the six human SOULs die?, Is asriel a goat?, Why does asriel try to kill you?, What happens if Toriel kills you?, Can you defeat Flowey?

    How did the six human SOULs die?

    Who is more powerful Sans or Papyrus?

    Sans is really effective. Papyrus seems to have come from the same place as Sans, and therefore its very plausible for him to be just as powerful, if not more, than his brother. Papyrus is one of the underground’s most kind and harmless beasts. Sans’s brother, who is likewise highly powerful.

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