How long is FF7 OG?

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    Dione Kaufman

    How long is FF7 OG?

    between 40 and 90 hours

    How long is original FF7?

    833 Main Story
    37h 22m Main Course + Extras
    1.1Ks52h 55m
    All PlayStyles 441 87h 49m Completionists
    2.3Ks53h 58m

    Is FF7 remake free roam?

    Is the Final Fantasy VII Remake an Open World Game? Having said that, Final Fantasy VII Remake is not an open world game.

    Why does Ff8 look so much better than FF7?

    7 was their first 3D try, and because it was so basic, it probably wasn’t too difficult to improve on. Resident Evil 1, which looked as excellent as 8, was released a year before 7, proving that the platform could definitely handle it; Square just didn’t do 3D previously.

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    How long is FF7 OG?

    Which is better FF7 or FF8?

    Yeah, Final Fantasy 7 is a lot more developed experience than Final Fantasy 8. 8 seems taped together, and its many sections don’t fit together well enough. It might have been spectacular if Square had given the crew more time, because the concept is fantastic. The gameplay was also excellent, and the draw mechanic was entertaining.

    Why is Ffviii not popular?

    FF8 aimed for realistic visuals, which did not function well and made the game difficult to rerun. It’s much more difficult to rerun because the game lost its assets and was never re-released as the other Final Fantasy games were so you could keep repeating them. To be honest, graphics had nothing to do with it.

    Why is Ffviii so weird?

    Final Fantasy VIII is an oddball game. The characters aren’t always serious, and the plot doesn’t take itself too seriously. It doesn’t go as far as Final Fantasy X-2 in terms of silliness, but it comes close. The game walks the edge brilliantly, allowing for just enough oddity.

    Why is FF7 so great?

    FF7 was one of the first JRPGs to become an international megahit, bringing the main series to the forefront of western gaming. It had great ideas and a large, bold plot. It’s fantastic, but its 3D models were subpar even by 1997 standards.

    How long is FF7 OG?, Which is better FF7 or FF8?, Why is Ffviii not popular?, Why is Ffviii so weird?, Why is FF7 so great?

    How long is FF7 OG?

    How popular is FF7?

    Final Fantasy 7 was more popular with older fans, with 47.9% of its votes being between the ages of 30-39, and 23% being even older. Final Fantasy X, on the other hand, was eventually more popular with younger fans, with 35.3% of its voters aged 20 to 29. This popularity spread to 7’s main audience.

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