Is Apex peer to peer?

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    Is Apex peer to peer?

    The APEX Program offers peer-to-peer safety reviews all across the world.

    How much does ping matter in Apex?

    A decent Apex Legends ping is around 40. 40-100 will be just acceptable, but may suffer in really competitive scenarios. Over 100, you may notice a substantial slowdown in your game.

    Is 200 ms ping good?

    Ping times of 100 milliseconds or less are typical for most broadband connections. In gaming, anything less than a ping of 20 ms is regarded excellent and low ping, anything between 50 ms and 100 ms is considered very good to average, and anything beyond 150 ms is termed high ping.

    Is 72 Ping bad?

    The ping here is determined by your internet service provider. 70 ping is only acceptable. Anything beyond 80 puts you at a significant disadvantage in comparison to others. But, yeah, Apex is a fast-paced game, and 70ms puts you at a disadvantage.

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    Is Apex peer to peer?

    What does ping 5ms mean?

    Is a ping of 5ms acceptable? Milliseconds are used to measure ping (ms). Anything less than 20ms is typically regarded as excellent. 2ms is about as low as you can get. A low ping indicates a more responsive connection, which is especially important in situations where time is critical (like video games).

    Is 4ms good for gaming?

    No, even 4ms is not too slow for competitive gaming. It is determined by the input lag as well as the reaction time. Actually, signal processing might make reaction time even worse. In terms of real lag time, the Acers Predator IPS has 4ms and 144hz and outperforms many 1ms TN panels.

    Does 1ms response time matter?

    No, it won’t make a difference. Response times, as long as they aren’t ridiculously fast, won’t damage your game experience. Almost all 21:9 monitors have an IPS screen, and the lowest reaction times on IPS panels are somewhat greater than on TN panels, which can reach 1ms.

    Is 144Hz 5ms good?

    5ms for a 144hz display is still acceptable. The pg279q has a response time of 4ms at 144-165hz and no input latency or ghosting. In fact, it ranks first in terms of input latency, making it suitable for even the most fervent gamers.

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