Was Caroline actually deleted?

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    Was Caroline actually deleted?

    Caroline was erased only after she had saved Chell, which occurred some time after the core transfer (possibly a few hours).

    Did Caroline die Portal?

    GLaDOS praises Chell for being her closest friend and for helping her learn where Caroline dwells in her brain after beating Wheatley and restoring control of the Enrichment Center. The Announcer then states that Caroline has been swiftly erased from her system.

    How did Chell get back in Aperture?

    I’m thinking you played the original when it first came out, not after the free re-release to commemorate Steam’s arrival on Mac. They altered the finale. It used to finish with her simply exiting Aperture, but they added a segment later in which she is pulled back into the building.

    How long did Chell asleep in Portal 2?

    273 years, one month, and twenty days

    Was Caroline actually deleted?, Was Caroline actually deleted?, Did Caroline die Portal?, How did Chell get back in Aperture?, How long did Chell asleep in Portal 2?

    Was Caroline actually deleted?

    Is Doug rattmann alive in Portal 2?

    The ASHPD in a Test Chamber covered in Rattmann graffiti. Rattmann is believed to have died sometime after saving Chell, implying that he perished as a result of the Turret’s wound in Lab Rat.

    Is Rat Man Alive?

    Deceased (18781914) (18781914)

    Who is the rat man in Portal 2?

    Rattmann, Doug

    What year does Portal 2 take place?


    Was Caroline actually deleted?, Is Doug rattmann alive in Portal 2?, Is Rat Man Alive?, Who is the rat man in Portal 2?, What year does Portal 2 take place?

    Was Caroline actually deleted?

    What year was Portal 2 released?


    Is there a body in the Companion Cube?

    The Companion Cubes in the Portal reality aren’t filled with the bodies of previous test participants. They can, however, transport GlaDOS copies.

    Why does Companion Cube stab?

    The player being stabbed by the Companion Cube is a reference to a phrase made by GLaDOS in Portal, in which she says The Enrichment Center reminds you that the Weighted Companion Cube will never threaten to harm you and, in fact, cannot talk. The buffs tooltip also explicitly quotes this phrase.

    Can you keep the Companion Cube?

    There are four responses. There is a way to save your devoted Companion Cube. You only need to exploit two flaws in Aperture Sciences Test Chambers. One defect in Test Chamber 16 allows you to shove a Weighted Storage Cube past the Material Emancipation Grill and into Test Chamber 17.

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