Who found zero?

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    Elmer Bull

    Who found zero?


    Did humans invent math or did we discover it?

    The only reason mathematics is so well adapted to describe the physical world is because humans designed it to do so. It is a creation of the human mind, and we build up mathematics as we go along to suit our needs. Mathematics is invented rather than found. This is the non-Platonist viewpoint.

    Is math man made?

    Their truth values are founded on rules devised by humans. Mathematics is thus a constructed logic exercise, with no reality outside of mankind’s conscious awareness, a language of abstract relationships based on brain-detected patterns, intended to utilize those patterns to invent beneficial but artificial order from chaos.

    Are numbers real?

    So, if objects in mathematics are real because they express simple features of things we can see, natural numbers are no more or less real than polynomials. Counting turtles without the (clearly genuine) natural numbers is about as difficult.

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    Who found zero?

    Are numbers infinite?

    The series of natural numbers is limitless and never ends. There’s no reason why the 3s should ever stop: they go on forever. So, when we encounter a number like 0.999 (a decimal number with an infinite string of 9s), the number of 9s is unlimited.

    Are numbers real or abstract?

    Yes, numbers are an archetypal example of an abstraction. Some intelligent person in prehistory discovered that two sets that can be put into one-to-one correspondence have a property in common, and natural numbers are the abstraction of that trait for finite sets.

    Are numbers real or imaginary?

    While not a real number in the sense that it cannot be defined on the number line, imaginary numbers are real in the sense that they exist and are used in mathematics. Imaginary numbers, often known as complex numbers, are employed in real-world applications like electricity and quadratic equations.

    What is 5i equal to?

    The square root of -1 is equivalent to the imaginary number i. In other words, i2 = -1. The square root of a negative integer is neither a real nor a variable. The square root of -25, for example, is expressed as 5i since 5i times 5i equals 25 times -1 or -25.

    Who found zero?, Are numbers infinite?, Are numbers real or abstract?, Are numbers real or imaginary?, What is 5i equal to?

    Who found zero?

    What is 2i equal to?

    The complex number, 2i, has an absolute value of 2.

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