Why is gintoki so lazy?

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    Dione Kaufman

    Why is gintoki so lazy?

    The solution is really straightforward. He doesn’t want to be there. He reads Jump comic books because he wants to watch other people be heroes. He’s sick of being the war hero, leading armies in his mid- to late-teens, annihilating Amanto forces and defending his allies.

    Who has gintoki slept with?


    Is gintoki virgin?

    Gintokis is also depicted visiting to brothels throughout the war, hence he can’t be a virgin, according to malophilia. Who knows when it comes to men. Samurai were extremely homosexual, and it was well tolerated during the period.

    Who is gintoki’s girlfriend?

    Sarutobi Ayame regards Tsukuyo as a love rival who stands between her and Sakata Gintoki.

    Why is gintoki so lazy?, Why is gintoki so lazy?, Who has gintoki slept with?, Is gintoki virgin?, Who is gintoki’s girlfriend?

    Why is gintoki so lazy?

    Is gintoki dead?

    In this universe, 5 years have passed, and not only has Edo become an apocalyptic wasteland, but Gintoki is said to have perished. Gintoki had been afflicted by a virus that had gone through an incubation stage, and the futures Gintoki had vanished while fighting it.

    Does gintoki have a son?

    Hashida Kanshichirou is Hashida Kantarou and Ofusa’s son.

    Is Tsukuyo in love with gintoki?

    Tsukuyo is the main character once more. The entire aim of this arc is to make Tsukuyo recognize that she does, in fact, love Gintoki. Because, before to this arc, she had never confessed to herself that she truly loved him.

    Who is gintoki’s best friend?


    Why is gintoki so lazy?, Is gintoki dead?, Does gintoki have a son?, Is Tsukuyo in love with gintoki?, Who is gintoki’s best friend?

    Why is gintoki so lazy?

    How old is gintoki?

    between the ages of 25 and 26

    Does Kondo marry OTAE?

    Arc of Time-Skipping He retires as a Shinsengumi Commander two years later and marries Otae.

    Who is OTAE pregnant with?

    Sadaharu had evolved into a person; Otose, Catherine, and Tama resembled Sadaharu. Otae was freshly married to Kondo and expecting her first child. Shinpachi was hired at Shinsengumi (thanks to Kondo).

    Is OTAE pregnant gintama?

    Otae is also not pregnant.

    Why is gintoki so lazy?, How old is gintoki?, Does Kondo marry OTAE?, Who is OTAE pregnant with?, Is OTAE pregnant gintama?

    Why is gintoki so lazy?

    Can I skip Gintama movie?

    Gintama: Kanketsu hen Yorozuya to Eien Nare – This film follows Enchousen. This film was decided and made to be canon, but it is no longer. So it’s fine to miss this film.

    Does gintama have romance?

    Gintama is a diversified Shounen with a lot of romance packed in amongst the hilarity. It stands to reason that a show that has seen it all would also know a thing or two about romance.

    Does gintoki end up with anyone?

    Gintoki will most likely not have an official pairing, keeping things open at the end, but I won’t rule it out. Tsukuyo has the highest odds if Gintoki does get together with someone. I ship him with Tsukuyo, but I don’t want him to end up with her, and I doubt Sorachi will end up with her.

    Does gintoki have PTSD?

    Gintoki was a pivotal player throughout the Joi-Amanto War, as we all know. We also know he has had a number of setbacks. Gintoki appears to be suffering from acute PTSD, as seen by the dead fish eyes.

    Why is gintoki so lazy?, Can I skip Gintama movie?, Does gintama have romance?, Does gintoki end up with anyone?, Does gintoki have PTSD?

    Why is gintoki so lazy?

    Is gintoki stronger than Naruto?

    Gintoki is still the victor. For starters, the dude is practically indestructible. Gintoki is swift even if Naruto utilized truth-seeking balls. He is so quick that not even Naruto can keep up with him.

    Who can defeat gintoki?

    Everyone has a complicated background and a compelling tale, and they’re all just trying to get through each day, frequently delivering extremely amazing, stoic words to people in need. And, of all Watanabe’s characters, Mugen, his grease samurai, is the one who comes closest to matching Gin’s fighting prowess.

    Who is the strongest character?

    Top 20 Most Powerful Characters of All Time
    Wonder Woman is ranked eighth.
    Thanos is number seven.
    #6: Thor.
    Unicron is number five.
    The Incredible Hulk is ranked fourth.
    Saitama is number three.
    #2: Goku. The Dragon Ball Z universe is full of overpowering characters like Zeno (zenno) and Beerus (BEER-iss), yet their abilities break the omnipotence rule because they are true gods.
    Superman is ranked first. This is going to be contentious.

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